When a waning audience base, encroaching urban development and a crippling economy threaten to shutter a small Black Box theater in Brooklyn, the remaining company members send out a call for help, bringing in old blood and gambling on new creative partners to put on one last show.

Shot on location in the DUMBO and Gowanus areas of Brooklyn, New York, and featuring a strong ensemble cast, 'The End of Something' is a funny, bittersweet look at what happens when romance, friendship and youthful dreams come to an end.
Director's Statement:

"The End of Something" was originally conceived as a last episode-type story, the culmination of an eight year run in the lives of six young dreamers fortunate enough to pursue their Drama School dream of running their own theater and producing their own plays in it. Likewise, it would wrap up the natural progression over time of their friendships, romances and eventual new career paths, set against the backdrop of the slow gentrification process in industrial Brooklyn, New York that threatens the existence of their theater. As independent theater production shares many of the same virtues and pitfalls of independent film making, it was personally very easy to delve into the mindset and world of the Black Box Theater, mirrored by the no-frills, spartan look of the film. Shooting on location at an actual independent theater space in Brooklyn with a small but game group of actors and crew, dueling with the non-stop noise of the luxe condo construction next door, "The End of Something" captures the joys, heartaches, and angst of when doing what you love with people you love finally comes to an end.
photo by alex tucker
production team
photo by alex tucker
vintage youth media 2014-2015