2008 vintage youth productions
three to five & glassy
Production Notes

In a span of seven months, or a little less time than it takes for an average pregnancy to come to full term, Three to Five and Glassy was conceived, written, produced, cast, rehearsed, shot and principally edited – just in time for creator Colin Rivera’s first son’s debut into the world. Shooting on digital HD entirely on location in New York City and Honolulu, HI, backed by a small crew that averaged three per shoot, with his annual bonus as the entire budget, Colin crafted this funny, bittersweet ode to losing and finding one’s way in the world as a labor of love for both his new son and his high school video production mentor, who passed away a few days before shooting began.

Annie (Angela Relucio), a surfer girl from Hawaii, is having a bad day. Locked out of her New York apartment just hours before a hula performance, desperately trying to piece together the events of the prior night's potentially disastrous first date, Annie embarks on a quest to regain her keys and, more importantly, her self respect.

Setting out into the streets of New York, aided by a motley collection of friends, Annie's search for her keys turns into a quest to reconnect with her family, her culture, and her direction in life.

And, even half a world away from the beaches of Hawaii, learning to surf the perfect wave might be the answer...