Founded in 1992, VINTAGE YOUTH PRODUCTIONS was formed by Colin Rivera, upon being commissioned to produce a documentary on Jazz Fusion in Hawai'i for a local TV station. A year later, Colin created and co-produced the anthology teen-youth series "Local Style," funded in part by a grant from the Hawai'i Council for Humanities, directing several episodes. Colin served as DP and LD for numerous projects, winning a lighting design award for his studio work. He went on to produce two hourlong, award-winning narratives: "Behaviour, a Commentary;" which garnered Best Director, Script, Narrative and Second Prize overall, and "The Adventures of Asian Man and White Boy," which won best Director, Producer, Editing and Script at NYU's First Run Festival. In 2003, Colin served as co-DP for Steven E. Mallorca's feature film debut "Slow Jam King." Colin's first feature, the comedy "Three to Five & Glassy" screened at numerous festivals across the US and won the Silver Lei Award for Filmmaking at the 2009 Honolulu Film Festival. His latest feature drama "the end of something," won Best Director and Best Actress for Sarah-Doe Osborne at the NYC Indie Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Comedy Feature, Best Ensemble Cast and Auteur of the Year at the Bare Bones International Film Festival. It continues on the festival circuit in 2012.
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